Hydrogen Generator Water Bottle

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Item Description:
Material:High Borosilicate Glass
Power Supply:AC 110-240V DC 5V 1A
Maximum Power:5W
Maximum Capacity:350ML
Item Size:6.6cm * 23.5cm
Net Weight:520g
Hydrogen-Concentration Range:0-980 PPb
Charging Time:3-4 hours
Water Temperature Requirement:1-99 Centigrade
1.Health begins with water,Hydrogen-rich water bring vitality to you every day.
2.Electrolyzed water to separate water molecules,Hydrogen-ions in water can effectively ameliorate insomnia, fatigue, lower blood sugar, lower blood pressure and improve memory.
3.Hydrogen-rich water is easy to absorb and can help to boost your metabolism and reduce constipation to some extent.
4.Made of high borosilicate glass , high quality and safe to use.
5.With a USB cable, it can be charged by a computer or a cell phone USB charger, convenient to use.
6.It only needs 3-5 minutes to produce a cup of hydrogen-rich water which can be directly drunk.

7.Elegant Appearance,Simplicity But it’s not easyNote:
When full of electricity, the blue indicator lights for a long time
Press the power button once, the green light flashes 3 times, which means three minutes of work
Press the power button once, the green light flashes 5 times, which means five minutes of work

For the first electrolysis of water, please don’t drink it. It is used for cleaning cups and walls
The water with high concentration of chloride can not be directly electrolyzed by the item.
It is recommended to use boiled tap water or mineral water to produce hydrogen-rich water.
Close the USB port when cleaning the item. Don’t use steel wool or abrasive cleanser to clean the item, so as to damage to it.Package List:
1 * Hydrogen-Rich Water Ionizer
1 * USB Cable

Why we need hydrogen-water maker?

As we know free radicals is the root of all diseases and aging, 90% of human aging and disease are caused by strong oxidative free radicals, by the modern living environment and other aspects such as environmental pollution, electromagnetic radiation, irregular work and rest time, work pressure, food contamination, water pollution, so that the human body Of the free radicals generated by excessive, far beyond the scope of the body to bear, seriously affect the health of hydrogen-rich hydrogen-molecules is the most effective way to clear free radicals.
Hydrogen-Water Prevent the harmful damage from free radicals.

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High Quality Drinking Water

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